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This is the Agreement between:





 THERAPIST’s NAME on behalf of PSYWELL Ltd. (Company House No. 13754917)

1. Your Counsellor

  • PSYWELL LTD. adheres to the BACP’s Code of Ethics (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy - the body responsible for issues of professional conduct) and is bound by its code of ethics and practice, and subject to its complaints procedure. You can find information regarding this at

  • PSYWELL LTD. will work using specific techniques and key concepts drawn from various approaches, tailored to your individual needs).

  • PSYWELL LTD. will make sure all counsellors/therapist/coaches has completed the necessary safeguarding training.

2. Confidentiality

  • The content of all sessions is confidential, including all records and notes except in the following circumstances:

    • Where your consent is given for confidence to be broken.

    • Where PSYWELL LTD. is compelled to break confidentiality by a court of law.

    • Where information disclosed during the session is of such concern that confidentiality cannot reasonably be expected to be maintained, i.e. terrorism, various crimes, or if PSYWELL LTD. has reason to believe that there is a risk of significant harm to yourself or others, in which case PSYWELL LTD. reserves the right to contact the appropriate authorities.  PSYWELL LTD. will always try to keep you informed prior to disclosure, unless it is considered that immediate action is required to safeguard the physical safety of customer-self or others.

  • Should your current counsellor requires a third party to process data on his/her behalf if your current counsellor was prevented with communicating with you, i.e. severe or sudden long-term illness, or in the event of forever absence) it would be as part of a contractual arrangement with a trusted colleague from PSYWELL LTD., where all data is subjected to pre-agreed confidentiality arrangements. This colleague would communicate with you, and support you in making alternative arrangements if you so desire.

  • For more detailed information how we collect, use and store your data, please refer to PSYWELL Ltd. Privacy Policy GDPR.

3. Emergency Contact Outside of Therapy


  • The relationship is professional, so contact will be limited to the therapeutic sessions and any emails and phone calls necessary to arrange appointments etc.  In an emergency, PSYWELL LTD. would advise you to call 999, the Samaritans on 116 123 (UK only) or the local NHS mental health crisis team.  


4. Sessions and Fees


  • The initial assessment/pre telephone consultation is for 15~20 minutes and is free of charge.

  • Counselling sessions are then arranged in single/weekly/bi-weekly/monthly manners for 50 minutes at the agreed time.

  • An appointment will be booked for the following week at the end of each session.

  • For regular/long-term clients, the time agreed becomes your allocated appointment and any alterations can be discussed between yourself and PSYWELL LTD. on behalf of your counsellor. If you do not attend, fees will be incurred (please see next section).

  • There will not be the facility to extend sessions if you arrive later than the specified time. Please do not arrive earlier than your appointment time to ensure privacy for both yourself and other clients.

  • The counselling will then be reviewed at agreed points by yourself and counsellor.

  • You will be given as much notice as possible of holidays or illness on the part of counsellor and PSYWELL LTD.

  • For long-term clients, when you decide to cease counselling, a final session following this decision is required. Your counsellor and PSYWELL LTD. requires at least one week’s notice for cease of the session. This is considered important in order to have a proper ending/closure of the therapeutic relationship. 

  • The Online/Face-Face single/4/8 session packages (principle counsellor/ senior counsellor) can be upgraded only once to the package with more sessions. The difference between the price of original package and the price of the upgraded package is charged.

5. Cancelled Appointments/Cancellation Fees/Payment etc


  • Payment needs to be made upfront in order to ensure that your allocated time is kept for you for the following week. If payment is not received 24 hours before your agreed time, PSYWELL LTD. reserves the right to offer your appointment time to other clients and take legal measurements against such action. If you are unable to attend an appointment, please contact PSYWELL LTD. either through email, phone or messages listed on the website: as soon as it is possible for you to do so.

  • All amounts hereunder shall be nonrefundable once paid.

  • Reschedule: We will work our best to re schedule with you if the client made such request within that week. We recommend you to file such request ASAP. However if this is not possible:

  • *·Clients can cancel until 24 hours before the Online sessions and until 48 hours before the Face-Face sessions. Cancellation after that, the full amount of the session will be charged.


6. General


Please do not consume alcohol or drugs prior to the sessions.

  • Counselling requires commitment and participation from you. 

  • You agree to give PSYWELL LTD. permission to contact your doctor in the event of concern with regard to your mental health, after having where possible, discussed this with you initially.


7. Tele-Therapy (Online and Phone Counselling)

  • The safest means of online platforms will be offered to you, however with phone/internet platforms there is no 100% guarantee of confidentiality.

  • All sessions will currently be performed using online channels (in the circumstances of Covid-19 outbreak)

  • Please ensure that as far as possible, when the session starts and for its duration, that you are in a safe and confidential space.  Please try to ensure that you will not be disturbed for the duration of the session and that the door to the room you are sitting in is closed, having, where possible, informed anyone in your home that you will be in a meeting for 50 minutes. If there is no private space within the house, you may have access to a vehicle to sit in if you feel it is safe and appropriate to do so or in another private space, at your discretion.

  • If you are not connecting via your mobile phone, please place your mobile phone on silent to minimise interruptions.  Please also turn off the television and radio to avoid distraction.

  • To ensure you are comfortable please have a non-alcoholic drink available to hydrate yourself and dress appropriately.

  • Please do not record the sessions. Please ensure your session is confidential to you and that no other person listens in to any part of the online session. You as the client, are responsible for the confidentiality within your own space whilst having remote sessions.

8. Terminating the counselling relationship


  • PSYWELL LTD. reserves the right to terminate the counselling relationship for reasons/scenarios includes but not limited to untimely payment of fees, over-intervention by the third party apart from the client self, such as parents, partners, friends, etc., contacting counsellors via private channels, such as personal phone number, personal wechat/whatsapp, etc, contacting counsellors about matters that is not counselling purpose related, clients’ needs are outside of counsellors’ scope of competence or practice. 

9. Data Protection/GDPR


Please refer to the privacy notice.

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